Theses defended

O impacto da globalização económica contemporânea em Monapo e Palma, Moçambique

Jafar Silvestre Jafar

Public Defence date
September 16, 2020
Doctoral Programme
Post-Colonialisms and Global Citizenship
Mustafah Dhada e Maria Paula Meneses
Globalization is not a new phenomenon. From antiquity to contemporaneity there were several globalizations. Economic globalization in the contemporary world has historically had a capitalist archeology and genealogy. Indeed, one of the great actors of contemporary economic globalization are multinationals. These, because of their innovative and organizational capacity and, above all, their greed for profit, produce goods and services in an oligopolistic market structure. Extractive multinationals prefer to invest their capital in poor countries, in order to attract foreign investment on which their economies depend and offer incentives that make it easier for investors to make fabulous profits. This thesis analyzed the impact of globalization in Mozambique, from 1975 to 2018, focusing on the banana agribusiness project, developed by Matanuska company, in Monapo, and the natural gas project, led by Anadarko, in Palma. The research was conducted through qualitative and multidisciplinary approach, looking at the contradictions and intersectionalities, created by capitalism, in time and space, that is, the evolution of capitalism in the colonial / postcolonial periods and its reflexes in the global / local spheres. The study is based on the intersection of the extended case method with oral history. This methodological option allowed the researcher to analyze various sources and to conclude that, despite building social infrastructure, Anadarko and Matanuska impoverished environmentally affected communities, (only Anadarko in Afungi), in terms of economic and social areas, and at the same time weakened state power at the local level. In short, this scenario contrasts with the official discourse, according to which foreign investment projects contribute to the national development project in Mozambique.

Keywords: Anadarko, Globalization, Matanuska, Mozambique, Multinationals