Advanced Training Course

III Course on Psychotraumatology of the Trauma Centre/CES

October 2017 - October 2018

CES-Lisbon and CES-Coimbra

Registration and Fees


Registration is individual and comprises two modalities:

  1. Attendance of  the complete series (6 compulsory modules + 4 optional modules to choose);
  2. Attendance per module, by completing an online form available on the CES website and the Trauma Centre.


The fees are described below:

  • The fee for the full course, which includes: 6 compulsory modules + 4 optional modules to choose, is 700 euros, in full payment or payment in three installments: 1st (300 euros) at the time of registration; 2nd (200 euros) until February 17, 2018; 3rd (200 euros) until July 14, 2018, for the individual associated participants of the Trauma Centre or for participants proposed by partner institutions of the Trauma Center.
  • For the full course attendance per modules, the total cost is 750 euros (monthly fee of 75 euros) for Trauma Centre associates (individual or proposed by partner institutions of the Trauma Center) and 850 euros (monthly fee of 85 euros) for non-members.
  • In case of attendance of isolated modules, the cost will be 75 euros/module for associates of the Trauma Centre and 85 euros/module for non-members.
  • For Trauma Center associates enrolled in the Full Course (6 compulsory modules + 4 optional modules), who wish to attend optional extra modules, the cost is 45 euros.
  • To obtain the European Certificate in Psychotraumatology two requirements are necessary, which include the following costs:
  1. To be a Trauma Center associate and, inherently, of the ESTSS, with regularized annual dues (value of the dues of individual members - 27 euros, associates/partners - 17 euros);
  2. Enroll in the ESTSS website and register in the Certificate, with, for administrative management of certification, a single fee, currently 40 euros, paid directly to ESTSS.