Advanced Training Course

Building an anti-racist education II: social movements, arts and media

February 8 and 9, 2019

CES | Lisbon


This training course proposes to reflect in depth on the persistence of racism in its various configurations in contemporary democratic societies, as well as to analyze the alternatives proposed for its combat that have emerged in different contexts from the initiative of the social movements. Considering the centrality that education has historically acquired in anti-racist struggles, this second edition focuses on the political mobilisation of racialised populations and the role of formal and informal education in social transformation, focusing on proposals in the field of arts (eg, cinema, theater) and media (with special emphasis on networks and digital platforms). Privileging qualitative and participatory methodologies, the course intends to offer an opportunity to talk about these issues through interdisciplinary approaches.

Target audience | teachers (primary, secondary and higher education), students, researchers, political activists, social intervention technicians, journalists, and the general public.

Students and the unemployed: 25€ 
General: 50€