Exposição, conversas e oficina Vamos Falar de Espaços Verdes 7 a 27 de abril de 2018 Casa da Esquina (Coimbra)


OFICINA: Ontological Politics in a Disposable World. A round-table discussion, 4 de abril de 2018, 17h00

Sala 1, CES | Alta

Seminário: Towards a Political Ecology of EU Energy Policy

Workshop - «A força dos pequenos»: absences and art for resistance

Seminário - Toxic Bios. A guerrilla narrative project mapping contamination, illness and resistance for emancipatory storytelling



Ciclo de encontros Oficina de Ecologia e Sociedade/Entitle: programa 2015-16


International Conference: Undisciplined Environments. Registrations now open (deadline Feb. 15)


Registrations now open for the 8th Biennial conference of the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH), to be held in Versailles (FR) between June 30th and July 3rd

The conference provisional programme is ready to download here. Registration can be done here

Exposição, conferência, sessão de cinema



Seminário Avançado ALICE / Entitle

A questão indígena na Comissão Nacional da Verdade (CNV)

Manuela Carneiro da Cunha (Universidade de Chicago/Universidade de São Paulo)

19 de fevereiro de 2015, 17h00, Sala 1, CES-Coimbra


ENTITLE Intensive workshop

Re-Commoning Democracy. A Workshop with Scholars/Activists

(in collaboration with: International Social Science Council, Transformations to Sustainability program)

October 16, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade de Coimbra, sala Keynes

Global mobilizations for reclaiming the commons are building a critical paradigm to respond to the dispossession brought about by neoliberal policies. Imagining new practices of commoning may be seen as forms of democratic participation. This workshop is intended to explore the possibilities engendered by such mobilization through a consideration of theories and practices produced around the commons, and through commoning. In particular, we aim to address a set of interrelated issues:

• What are the forms of resistance and struggle against the commodification of resources, and how do these experiences sustain community resilience and reorganization?
• How may the practices of commoning generate novel community arrangements, envision new forms of citizenship, and transform the subject of neoliberal governance?
• What are the potentials of the claims for rights and bottom-up law-making towards a “democratization of democracy”?
• As the commons’ counter-narrative moves us beyond the private/public divide, what renewed notions of property, value, wealth, and welfare emerge from these processes?
• What constitutes the commons? How are coalitions for commoning being produced?

The workshop will bring together scholars/activists working on re-commoning ideas, struggles and social practices in Portugal, Galicia, Italy, Romania, and Cyprus.

This event is organized by the Center for Social Studies (CES) with financial support from:  EC - Marie Curie Actions - Initial Training Networks - FP7 - PEOPLE – 2011 (contract No. 289374 – ENTITLE);  ; PhD Program "Democracy in the 21st” of the University of Coimbra; International Social Science Council – project n. T2S_PP_232,  Towards Just Sustainability.


ENTITLE intensive workshop
Environmental justice: engagement, research, and writing
24 de abril de 2014, 09h30, Casa de Escrita, Rua João Jacinto 8, Coimbra

The purpose of this event is to bring together experienced researchers in Environmental Justice and Political Ecology with CES students starting their PhDs.

The workshop will be organized as follows: in the morning, three different scholars will present their research on environmental justice related topics, illustrating their publication history and strategies. In the afternoon, five graduate students from the PhD program ‘Democracy in the 21st century’ will briefly present a paper which represents their final essay in the PhD seminar ‘Ecological crisis. Environmental cultures, movements and politics’, previously circulated to the workshops’ participants. Each paper will have a senior researcher as a commentator, and will be discussed in relation to the possibilities of publication, dissemination, etc.

The workshop languages will be English (70%) and Portuguese (30%). Participation is open and free of charge but registration is required (deadline: April 11).

Ciclos da Cinema

Ecology and social struggles: Homage to Chico Mendes (1944-1988)
December 4+5 2013

Teatro da Cerca de S. Bernardo and Casa das Caldeiras (Coimbra)

During the first day will be presenting documentaries based on current ecological struggles in different parts of the world. On the second day the focus is placed in the life of Chico Mendes, whose death will complete 25 years on December 22, 2013.

The murder of Chico Mendes at the behest of the landowner Darly Alves, representative of the then Rural Democratic Union (UDR), on the night of December 22, 1988, in Xapurí, Acre, stirred huge international attention at the time. Issues such as deforestation, violence and investment in development projects in the Amazon, which had been internationally criticized by Chico Mendes, gained an extraordinary dimension, became one of the main agendas of environmentalism and boosted the problem of ecological struggles of the “people of the forest” and other “traditional” populations as a fundamental issue of ECO 92, a major conference held in Rio de Janeiro.

Today, 25 years after the death of Chico Mendes, Latin America remains the most violent region in the world in terms of murders of environmentalists, according to the Global Witness organization. A study recently released by the organization states that there were 711 murders between 2002 and 2012. In all, deaths occurred in 34 countries such as Indonesia,Cambodia, Kenya.

The aim of the show, however, is not restricted to address the issue of physical violence to ecologists, but to offer documentaries that discuss the dynamics of today’s ecological struggles, with topics such as access to natural resources, rights of local people to participate in the discussion on projects that impact their livelihoods, and the global problem of climate change.

The show includes a partnership with PUC- Goiás ,  that has archived documentary films directed by Adrian Cowell on Amazon , including the classic film "Chico Mendes: eu quero viver" [Chico Mendes: I want to live], in which the director followed the path of the ecologist in two years leading up to his murder.

This shows part of the parallel programming of the  IV Colóquio Internacional de Doutorandos/as do CES - Coimbra C: Dialogar com os Tempos e os Lugares do(s) Mundo(s).

Organization: Centre for Studies(CES), Oficina Ecologia e Sociedade and the  European Network of Political Ecology – Entitle (in partnership with:  IGPA PUC  of Goyas)