Exposição de Fotografia

Dialogues of Laughter

Maisa Antunes

Marcos Cesário

21 February to 2 March 2019

2nd Floor Hallway, CES | Alta

The photographic exhibition "Dialogues of Laughter" is an exhibition composed of eleven photographs, signed by the Brazilian photographer and artist, Marcos Cesário. The images were captured in the context of the homonymous project: «Diálogos do Riso» that took place in the interior of the Bahian backcountry (Brazil), with public schools from several localities, from the municipality of Jaguarari-Bahia, as scenery. the project's poetic intervention surprised teachers, children and the community, with the unpredictable presence of clowns and laughter.  Maisa Antunes, a pedagogue and participant in this artistic project, joins her PhD with the research: "Dialogues of Laughter - An open field to rethink art and education", to be developed under the Doctoral programme "Post-Colonialisms and Global Citizenship", under supervision of António Sousa Ribeiro and Maria Irene Ramalho.

Bio note

Maisa Antunes  is a PhD Candidate in the programme of Postcolonialisms and Global Citizenship. She holds a MA in Education by the Federal University of Bahia, in Brazil. Her main interests are art, education and the relation between these concepts, as well as poetry and the rationality on expressive-stetics. Her academic and professional journeys are oriented to address issues that have emerged associated with these topics, such as research on social movements as a pedagogy tool. Professionally, Maisa Antunes is professor in the Pedadogy undergraduate course at the State University of Bahia since 2007, and artistic producer within the academic community. Nowadays, Maisa Antunes is conducting her research on the relation between art and education entitled ¨Diálogos do Riso - Um campo aberto para repensar a arte e a educação¨ (thesis written in Portuguese), which is financed by the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior - Capes, from Brazil.