Island of Mozambique 1983: incorporating the architectural research archive into UC

March 12, 2020, 10h00

Sala de S. Pedro, University of Coimbra General Library


1. In 1983, Danish cooperation promoted a very detailed survey of the built cultural heritage of the Island of Mozambique. This survey was the basis for the island's inscription, in 1991, on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the book that, in 1985, resulted from it remains the reference work on the island's heritage.

2. Patrimónios has been working on the Island of Mozambique, in close collaboration with the public university in the area, UniLúrio (a student of Patrimónios is, precisely, the director of the its school of architecture and is working on the topic; UC lecturers have ministered a course they helped create there); in 2017 a workshop organised there  produced a publication by IUC; we made the inventory of the Museum's sacred art collection with the support of Guklbenkian, etc.

3. For all of the above, through Patrimónios, the architecture school of the University of Aarhus, Denmark, donated all the survey materials (photographs, drawings, material samples, field notebooks, reports, etc.) to UC, which will be processed and in due course become under public consultation at the 25th of April Documentation Centre (CD25A). It arrived a few weeks ago.

4. In this regard, Patrimónios organises this event for the public presentation and availability of this estate.