International Conference

Transforming Capitalism through Real Utopias. Featuring Erik Olin Wright’s legacy

January 23 and 24, 2020

Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra


The Center for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra is organizing an International Conference around the legacy of American neo-Marxist sociologist Erik Olin Wright, who unfortunately passed away recently. With the expected participation of some of his most prominent fellow social scientists, this Conference will mark the date of the first anniversary of his disappearance and it will be organized around major theoretical pillars articulating Olin Wright’s academic career: class analysis, capitalism critique and real utopias. These three major lines unfold a series of diverse themes that will lead to a group of panel sessions coordinated by guest specialists. In articulation with the Conference organizers, these specialists will be responsible for the thematic planning and the selection of the participants’ proposals. All participants are invited to deliver papers from which a selection will be published in a couple of indexed periodicals, and in a book by a distinguished international press. Following some of Olin Wright’s titles, we suggest five subareas for these panels: (1) “Real Utopias”; (2) “Class Analysis”; (3) “Genderlessness”; (4) “Wealth and Income Inequalities”; (5) “Changing the Capitalist State”.

Deadlines and registration fees:

Call for Papers (*):
Until 2 Sptember 2019 - Abstracts (characters: 4000 max.)
By 15 October 2019 - Abstracts acceptance information (thematic sessions)
(*) – Authors of proposals accepted must register and pay according to the same criteria.

Authors with papers accepted and registration completed must submit the final version of their paper by January 15, 2020.

Until 15 Nov. 2019 - 50 € (Non-students); 25 € (Students or unemployed)
From 16 Nov to 20 Dec 2019 - 75 € (Non-students); 25 € (Students or unemployed)
From 21 Dec to 23 Jan 2020 - 100 € (Non-students); 45 € (Students or unemployed)

More information:

Scientific Commitee: Ana Paula Marques (U.Minho), Anália Torres (ISCSP), António M. Guedes Branco (FCHS-UAlg), António Casimiro Ferreira (CES/FEUC), Adriana Bebiano (CES/FLUC), António Firmino da Costa (ISCTE-IUL), Bruno Sena Martins (CES), Celi Scalon (UFRJ), Domingos Vaz (UBI), Filipe Carreira da Silva (ICS), Isabel Estrada Carvalhais (U.Minho), João Rodrigues (CES/FEUC), João Teixeira Lopes (FLUP), Miguel Chaves (UNL), José Manuel Mendes (CES/FEUC), José Maria Castro Caldas (CES-Lisboa), Paula Varela (U. Buenos Aires), Renato Carmo (ISCTE/CoLABOR), Gilberta Rocha (U. Açores), Ricardo Antunes (UNICAMP), Rosalina Costa (U.Évora), Rosário Mauritti (ISCTE), Rui Bebiano (CES/FLUC), Ruy Braga (USP), Sara Falcão Casaca (SOCIUS/ISEG), Sílvia Ferreira (CES/FEUC), Virgínia Ferreira (CES/FEUC)

Organizing Commitee: Elísio Estanque and Pedro Góis (CES/FEUC- coord.), Graça Capinha (CES/FLUC), Daniel Neves (FEUC), Cláudia Pato de Carvalho (CES), Madalena Duarte (CES)