Presentation of the 6th CRISALT report

«A Segunda Crise De Lisboa: Uma Metrópole Fragilizada» | Ed.: Ana Drago

November 29, 2022, 18h00

Almedina Atrium Saldanha (Lisbon)

Presentation by Ana Drago (coordinator of the book) and a talk with João Ferrão (ICS-UL) and Ana Costa ( DINAMIA’CET/ISCTE-IUL)


Launch of the book that constitutes CRISALT's 6th report "A Segunda Crise de Lisboa - Uma Metrópole Fragilizada", published by Almedina and coordinated by researcher Ana Drago.

The texts that compose this volume emerged simultaneously from a conversation that goes on and on and from a more immediate questioning. The conversation consists of the research and critical analysis that have guided the work of the CES’ Observatory on Crises and Alternatives, always carried out by several hands, around the changes in public policies, institutional configurations and social and economic dimensions that recount the trajectory of Portuguese society over the last decade. The questioning was, in a certain sense, more recent and almost imposing. Its pretext came from the astonishment with which we faced the last two years, causing concern about the evolution and consequences of the covid-19 pandemic in Portuguese society.