Complexity and change: thinking, practices and processes for addressing global challenges 

5 - 9 September 2022 (CANCELLED)


Applications and conditions for participation

The conference welcomes the participation of researchers, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, practitioners of NGO and NGDO, activists
The Conference will take place with a minimum of 10 participants per day and a maximum of 30 registered participants per day.

Modalities of registration
The Conference offers different modalities for registration: 
-Full Conference 
-Day Registration 
Priority will be given to registration for the Full Conference. 

Oral and Poster presenters will be required to register and participate in the Full Conference.
The Conference will be recorded, and participants will be asked for their consent. This Conference is coupled with a small study aimed at evaluating the facilitation strategies and techniques and the processes and outcomes of the event. Participants will be asked to read the special conditions for participation and to provide their informed consent by filling this form.

Registration fees

Early bird fees:
For presenters (Full Conference): 35 euros
General Audience Full Conference Fee: 45 euros
Day Registration (select which day): 10 euros
Reduced rates for doctoral students with posters approved (3 positions): 15€

Regular fees:
For presenters (Full Conference): 50 euros
General Audience Full Conference Fee: 60 euros
Day Registration (select which day): 25 euros
Reduced rates for doctoral students with posters approved (3 positions): 30€

Important Notes
- Registrations are only considered valid after payment and upon the acceptance of the special conditions for participation through the submission of this informed consent form
- The registration includes access to all of the Conference’s activities and the platforms that will support them as well as the issuance of certificates of participation and (if the case) of communication.
- Cancellations up to 1 of August will be charged an administrative fee of 10€; there will be no refunds for cancellations after this date. 

Registration form 

General Conditions For Participation
- The Conference will be hosted through Zoom and Miro platforms. 
- The participants must ensure the following technical conditions: 
- A stable, secure and sufficiently robust internet connection;
- Video and audio connection: it will be required that the video is turned on during the whole sessions and there are conditions for good audio connections;
- A smartphone capable of connecting to Zoom if necessary;
- A smartphone capable of taking photos (to photograph the materials participants will be invited to produce individually).
- Participants must have a working kit with the following materials: white paper (A3 and A4); colour A4 sheets; sellotape; scissor; glue; colour felt tip pens or marker pens; play dough or plasticine; crayons (if very solid and with vibrant colours that will show well on photos). Additional optional materials include: colorful threads; lego blocks; pieces of cloth; journals and magazines for paper cuttings; lids of plastic bottles or tin lids; corks; knitting materials; or any other material for creative craft work. 
-Optional: If participants have musical, dance or audiovisual skills they may have supporting materials for these activities nearby along with a video recorder.

Specific conditions for participant and informed consent

Before submitting the registration form participants mus also read the Special Conditions for Participation and submit a form thereby consenting with these conditions. Please read the conditions and submit the form here. Your registration will be conditional to theacceptance of these conditions.