IX Colloquium on Qualitative Research in Human Motricity

Body, (Anti)Racism and (Post)Colonialism

27, 28 and 29 November, 2023

Coimbra (Several Places)

Thematic Axes / Research Lines

Paper proposals should reflect academic research, studies, teaching/pedagogical activities, social interventions and work activities, in which theoretical reflections and empirical work have been produced on the themes of this Colloquium. The thematic axes/research lines that are presented do not intend to be exhaustive in relation to the thematic possibilities of the Colloquium, but guidelines for possible interventions and presentations.

  • Contributions of motor skills and sport to an anti-racist agenda
  • Curricula and professional training in motor skills, sport and related areas
  • Ecomotricity and well-living
  • Epistemology of motricity and sport
  • Motricity, sport and arts
  • Idealization of the body and sport gesture
  • Motricity and sport from a theoretical and critical perspective
  • Motricity and sport in colonial and post-colonial context
  • Motricity and sport as dimensions of modernity
  • Motricity and sport between the global south and north
  • Motricity and emerging sport-performative manifestations
  • Motricity, sport and resistance
  • Motricity, sport and health
  • Motricity and school sports
  • Motricity, sport, leisure and recreation
  • Other motricities, other sports
  • Emancipatory potentialities of motricity and sport
  • Prejudice, discrimination and racism in sport