IX Colloquium on Qualitative Research in Human Motricity

Body, (Anti)Racism and (Post)Colonialism

27, 28 and 29 November, 2023

Coimbra (Several Places)



  • To create more encompassing times and spaces aiming at the constitution of a locus to give continuity to the studies of Motricity and Sport that are developed in a rigorous and systematic way;
  • To present work done by researchers from various institutions, opening the possibility for questioning and reflection of the productions presented;
  • To contribute to the deepening of a fruitful dialogue, critical, stimulating and generating propositions to the professionals related to Motricity, Sport, Arts, Human and Social Sciences, Education, Physical Education, History, Leisure and related areas;
  • To promote scientific research under the topics of the "IXth Colloquium on Qualitative Research in Human Motricity: Body, (Anti)Racism and (Post)Colonialism", central theme of the event.