CES launches European Diversity and Childhood Survey

Februrary 2020

Bringing together a group of 30 researchers in 9 European countries, the project Diversity and Childhood (DaC): Changing social attitudes towards gender diversity in children across Europe aims at making a social diagnosis in a participative way to combat discrimination affecting LGBTI+ children and young people in 5 spheres: school, health, media, public space and child and family care institutions

In this context, the European Diversity and Childhood Survey was launched, aiming to determine attitudes, practices and experiences of professionals working within the framework of childhood and youth. The survey will be conducted in all countries of the Consortium during the month of February. The survey is available in Portuguese [HERE] and responses are confidential and anonymous.

Concurrently, interviews with professionals and policy makers are being conducted, in addition to a mapping of good practices that will allow the diagnosis of needs in each of the countries involved. The results will inform the training modules that will be implemented in 2021.

Diversity and Childhood is coordinated at CES-UC by Researchers Ana Cristina Santos and Mafalda Esteves, and has as institutional partners in Portugal the Ministry of Education and the rede ex aequo Association