Rui Mota Cardoso


Rui Mota Cardoso is Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, where he is responsible for the subject Medical Psychology. He holds a PhD in Psychiatry from the University of Porto in 1985. His research interests focus on Psychosomatics and Memory. He is Senior Researcher of IPATIMUP (Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto), Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences and Associate Researcher of CES. He founded the Portuguese Society of Psychosomatics and the Institute for Prevention of Stress and Occupational Health, and is a founding member of the Centre of Cognitive Science of the University of Porto. From among his publications, we highlight O Stress nos Professores Portugueses. Estudo IPSSO (Porto Editora, 2002), and "Crença e Memória", in Gil F, Livet P, Pina Cabral J, O Processo da Crença (Gradiva, 2004).

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Cardoso, Rui Mota (2004), Crença e memória, in Gil F, Livet P, Pina Cabral J (org.), O Processo da Crença. Lisboa: Gradiva


Cardoso, Rui Mota; et al (2002), Identidade. Identidades. Porto: ADECAP


Cardoso, Rui Mota (2002), O stress nos Professores Portugueses. Estudo IPSSO 2000. Porto: Porto Editora