Amit Singh


Amit is a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Social Studies (CES) University of Coimbra. His research is focused on 'Hindu Religious Populism and its use against Christian and Muslim Minorities minorities in India'. Amit is also a Sylff fellow at the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research Japan, holder of a Slovakian national scholarship, and a research associate at the Centre for the Study at the Indian Languages Society in India. At CES, Amit is a collaborator in the project, 'UNpacking POPulism: Comparing the formation of emotion narratives and their effects on political behaviour'. Amit holds MSc. from the University of Southeastern Norway, M.A. from Mahidol University, Thailand and M.A.from Pondicherry University, India. He was a Fritt ord scholar (Norway), holder of SUPRA NORDIC scholarship (Denmark), and received Sylff research grant (Japan, 2022). Amit has worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Bangkok, Thailand) the United Nations Development Program (New Delhi, India), the National Human Rights Commission of India and the Philippines. His research interests are Hindu Nationalism, populism, right-wing extremism, human rights and freedom of expression. In 2021, he was a visiting researcher at Lund University, Sweden. Amit holds membership in The European Consortium for Political Research, the European Integration & the Global Political Economy Research Network, Columbia University, and the Indian Sociological Society. He has contributed opinion pieces/blogs to the London School of Economics, The Loop, Alice News, and Publico, Esquerda, and have been interviewed by various national and international media channels.

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Kinnvall, Catarina; Singh, Amit (2024), Enforcing and Resisting Hindutva: Popular Culture, the COVID-19 Crisis and Fantasy Narratives of Motherhood and Pseudoscience in India, in MDPI (org.), Narratives of Resistance in Everyday Lives and the Covid Crisis. Basel: Molly Andrews Paul Nesbitt-Larking Kesi Mahen, 49-65

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Singh, Amit (2024), AN APPROACAH TO HINDUTVA IN INDIA. Varanasi, India: Bharati Prakashan

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Article in Scientific journal

Singh, Amit (2023), "Human rights and secularism in conflict with Hindutva: the Water controversy", Antropologia Portuguesa, 40, 55-73

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