Ana Teixeira de Melo


Ana Teixeira de Melo is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra. She holds a PhD in Psychology, speciality of Clinical Psychology by the University of Coimbra. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology (Licenciatura- 5 years) by the University of Porto with the pre-specialisation in Psychological Counselling and Youth and adults and she obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology by the University of Minho. She is a member of the Portuguese Order of Psychologists and has the title of Specialist in Clinical Psychology with Advanced Speciality in Community Psychology. Her main focuses of research and practice include the Family and their Communities and the processes underlying flourishing and well-being, positive change and resilience, particularly in situation os multiple challenges. She explores processes associated to human complexity and positive development and change. In this context, she investigates, from a complex systems approach, special emergent properties of interpersonal relationships and their effects as critical processes associated with human flourishing, change, adaptation and resilience. She is interested in the theme of Complexity and the study of Complex Systems, in particular processes of change in social human systems. Her research interests encompass the development of evaluation of theoretical frameworks as well as pragmatic resources and strategies to support the practice Complex Thinking applied to the management of change in social systems. She has developed a practice of collaborative action-research and applied research focused on family and community development s and in the development of models, resources and tools for the evaluation and promotion of the potential for change (flourishing and well-being, positive change and resilience) and of positive parenthood in families, in general, and in multichalleged families with at-risk children, in particular. She is author of several family/parenting prevention programs such as "Searching Family Treasure" and "Travelling through lands of parenthood(s)" and of integrative approaches to support multichallenged families, such as the "Integrated Family Assessement and Intervention Model" Besides having a inter/transdisciplinary nature of her research is also focused on processes and practices associated to a positive Inter/Trandisciplinarity, adopting a relational and process-focused approach, informed by a complex systems approach. She is also interested in themes related to Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Methods and to the Philosophy of Sciences. She is an elected member of the Council of the Complex Systems Society e Associate York Cross-Disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis, of the University of York, United Kingdom, where she was a visiting academic (2016-2018). She was a visiting academic in Department of Health Sciences (2017-2018), of the University of York, United Kingdom. Other websites:

Latest Publications


Melo, Ana Teixeira de (2020), Performing complexity: Building Foundations for the Practice of Complex Thinking. Springer International Publishing

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Book Chapter

de Melo, Ana Teixeira; Caves, Leo Simon Dominic (2020), Complex Systems of Knowledge Integration: A Pragmatic Proposal for Coordinating and Enhancing Inter/Transdisciplinarity, in Adamatzky A., Kendon V. (org.), From Astrophysics to Unconventional Computation. Emergence, Complexity and Computation, vol 35.. Springer, Cham, 337-362

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Article in Scientific journal

Teixeira de Melo, Ana; Caves, Leo Simon Dominic; Dewitt, Anna; Clutton, Evie; Macpherson, Rory; Garnett, Philip (2019), "Thinking (in) complexity: (In) definitions and (mis)conceptions", Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 1-16

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