Tatiana Moura


Senior Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies / University of Coimbra (Portugal), Coordinator of Promundo Portugal since 2014 and Associate Director of Instituto Maria and João Aleixo (a Global Think Tank in Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) since March 2018. Between 2011 and 2019 she was the Executive Director of Instituto Promundo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), an international NGO with offices in Brazil, USA, DRC and Portugal that works nationally and globally in engaging men and boys for gender equality. She holds a PhD in Peace, Conflicts and Democracy, by the University Jaume I (Spain), a Master's degree in Sociology, by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and a first degree in International relations, by the same Faculty. Her research interests include feminism and International Relations, masculinities, new wars and urban violence, and gender and armed violence. In the last years, she has coordinated several projects on youth, violences and non violent trajectories in urban peripheries, particularly in Latin America. She published, in 2005, Entre Atenas e Esparta. Mulheres, Paz e Conflitos Armados, Coimbra: Quarteto Editora; in 2007, Rostos Invisíveis da Violência Armada. Um Estudo de Caso sobre o Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro: 7Letras.In 2009, Auto de Resistência. Relatos de familiares de vítimas da violência armada; in 2010 Novissimas Guerras. Espacos, Identidades e Espirais da Violencia Armada, Coimbra: Almedina; in2013, "Missed Connections: Representations of Gender, (Armed) Violence and Security in Resolution 1325", RCCS Annual Review, 5, 3-31 (with Sílvia Roque and Rita Santos) and in 2016, Violência e armas de fogo em Portugal, organized with Rita Santos and José Manuel Pureza (Editora Almedina).

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Moura, Tatiana; Fernandez, Marta; Page, Victoria (2020), Power from the peripheries: Arts, cultures of equality and southern perspectives, in Suzanne Clisby, Mark Johnson & Jimmy Turner (org.), Theorising Cultures of Equality. London, UK: Routledge

Article in Scientific journal

Borde, Elis; Page, Victoria; Moura, Tatiana (2020), "Masculinities and nonviolence in contexts of chronic urban violence.", INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNING REVIEW

Book Chapter

Santos, Rita; Peça, Marta; Moura, Tatiana (2016), Acentuando desequilíbrios: armas de fogo e violência doméstica em Portugal, in Rita Santos, Tatiana Moura e José Manuel Pureza (org.), Violência e Armas de fogo em Portugal. Coimbra: Almedina, 263-336