Vítor Neves



Vítor Neves is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (CES), where he is a member of the Research Group on Science, Economy and Society. He is also Collaborator of the Center for Philosophy of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, integrating its "Transversal Research Pole" dedicated to systematic research on interdisciplinary practices in sciences, arts and humanities. Vítor Neves got a PhD in economics from the University of Coimbra in 2003. His research interests are mainly in the History and Philosophy of Economics, with a particular focus on the study of the foundations, nature and dynamics of economics as a science. His most recent works are on topics such as: the meaning of the 'economic'; economics and interdisciplinarity; open systems; objectivity; dissent and pluralism in economics; Kapp; the making of economics in Portugal in the recent past and the social costs of capitalism. His publications include several edited books and articles in refereed international journals. He is also responsible, since 2009, for the organization of the CES International Seminar on the Foundations of Economics. Vitor is member of the following Scientific Associations: - Associação Portuguesa de Economia Política - Associação Ibérica de História do Pensamento Económico - European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy - European Society for the History of Economic Thought - World Economics Association - K. William Kapp Research Network

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Neves, Vítor (2020), Interesses privados, custos sociais: como ultrapassar vulnerabilidades sistémicas que persistem?, in José Reis (org.), Como reorganizar um país vulnerável?. Coimbra: Edições Almedina, 263-293


Neves, Vítor; Reis, José (orgs.) (2019), A ciência económica em Portugal: uma história recente. Coimbra: Edições Almedina

Book Chapter

Neves, Vítor (2019), Ciência, valores e política: como os economistas têm vindo a pensar a Economia em Portugal, in Vítor Neves e José Reis (org.), A ciência económica em Portugal: uma história recente. Coimbra: Edições Almedina, 183-221