Workshop | Roda de Saberes

Collaborative methodological practices

October 21, 2019, 14h00

Room 2, CES | Alta


For a long time, the landscape of scientific research has developed under the constraints imposed by a dominant scientific paradigm where the scientist- the social scientist included- positioned as an expert in knowledge production (valid and reliable), created knowledge for, but not with, society. Guided by values of neutrality and aspirations of objectivity, the choices of the traditional research methods enlarge the distance between the scientist and the reality they aim to investigate, awarding them a primary responsibility for both the process and the outcome of knowledge production.

The social sciences have been questioned and introduced significant changes in this dominant methodological landscape, opening space for new values, assumptions and methods of knowledge production, analysis and dissemination. The research space has been broadened to include the relational dimension of all human activity, generating territories for creativity, collaboration and dialogue and for the distribution of the capacity and responsibility for knowledge production and impact.

In this workshop, we will invite the participants to think and draw together a set of methodological practices of knowledge production, actively collaborating in its conception, design and definition of a possible action plan for future implementation. Additionally this workshop will address issues of knowledge creation and the processes of creative collaboration. We call for participants from different areas of knowledge production, for the social sciences, arts and humanities, natural and biological sciences as well as other domains.

Workshop energized by Giovanni Alegretti, Cláudia Pato de Carvalho and Ana Teixeira de Melo (CES) | Contact:

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