Pedro Freitas de Sá Sousa de Almeida


Pedro Sousa de Almeida holds a P.hD by the University of Coimbra,institution where he also took his degree Anthropology. He holds a Master´s degree in Sociology by Instituto Superior Miguel Torga, from Coimbra, where he was a teacher between 2002 and 2010. From the idea that football is a uniquely favourable field for studying social reality, his main research interests have centred on the relations between football, race, racism and national identity. He has also published on football violence, as well on the relations between football and neoliberalism. Pedro is currently working, as a researcher, in the "COMBAT - Combating racism in Portugal: an analysis of public policies and anti-discrimination law", coordinated by Silvia Maeso and funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. COMBAT project addresses the relationship between integration public policies and anti­discrimination/human rights law in Portugal, under the framework of the European Union. Latest publication: Sousa de Almeida(2016), "Futebol, Racismo e Media: os discursos da imprensa portuguesa durante o fascismo e pós-Revolução de Abril", Política & Trabalho - Revista de Ciências Sociais, 44, 71-90