CES Doctoral Programmes are ruled by the academic regulations of the University of Coimbra and Faculty of Economics.


The students of the University of Coimbra with updated tuition and enrolment fees benefit from a school insurance that covers health expenses resulting from personal accidents taking place in Portugal. In specific situations, this coverage can be extended to accidents occurring abroad. The students should therefore inform the coordination of their doctoral program on possible voyages abroad under the scientific activities envisaged in their work plan. They should also contact the Central Services of the University of Coimbra to inquire about the insurance conditions and procedures to be followed in case the policy needs to be activated.

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. (FCT) grant holders also benefit from personal accident insurance covering expenses incurred abroad. The students must inform FCT if travelling abroad and prove (with a declaration signed by the supervisor) that they have travelled within the framework of the scientific activities foreseen in the work plan. In case of an accident, please contact the FCT Human Resources Department (Telephone +351 213 924 300).