How can I submit my application?
Applications must be exclusively submitted to InforEstudante.
The applications sent in paper format will not be considered eligible.
Instructions available here.
1. Click: Academic service - Applications
2. Click: New application
3. Select: Study cycle: 3rd cycle
4. Select: Organic Unit: Faculty of Economics
5. Select: Course: International Politics and Conflict Resolution
6. Select: Regime: 3rd cycle course

Which documents must I include in the application?
Please check Application menu.

What should the work project include?
The work project (1500 words maximum) must be written in English and in accordance with the following structure:
A. Title
B. Objectives, argument and contribution
C. State of the art/literature review
D. Theoretical framework
E. Bibliography

What is the deadline for the application submission?
This PhD programme is biennial.
The upcoming programme edition is due to open in 2021/2022 with calls opening in the 1st quarter of 2021.

When will the information about the applicants' selection be sent?
The applicants will receive information about the selection processes before the opening of the enrolment periods. Selected applicants must enrol and register through the platform InforEstudante. More Information

What is the class schedule?
The first semester will run from September through January and the second semester from February through June.
The Academic Calendar for 2019/20 will be available here.
Classes are scheduled to take place on Friday.

Is the attendance to seminars mandatory?
Yes, and there is no possibility of attending the seminars at a distance.
Students must participate in the seminars determined by the study plan, as well as in the sessions with guest speakers, held within the scope of the programme's activities.

What are the programme's working languages?
The programme is taught in English.

I am an international student. What should I know about Coimbra and the University?
The University of Coimbra has gathered a set of useful information for foreign students, with guides on the University’s services and about life in Coimbra. You can access relevant information here.

What is the annual fee?
The annual fee is 2,000 euros.