Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply?
Applications are submitted through the University of Coimbra online platform, InfoEstudante. Applications submitted in paper are not considered illegible.  All the required documents must be scanned and attached to the application. Instructions are available here. In case of doubt, please contact the services: e-mail; phone +351 239 247 195; in person at the support centres of the Academic Management Service, in the hours available here.

What documents do I need to submit to formalize the application?
Please check Application menu.

The research work plan is a proposal for a theme that I want to address in the thesis or a thesis project?
The research work plan proposal does not presume the existence of a defined thesis project.

What is the goal of the research work plan proposal?
The research work plan proposal has a double aim: to assess the applicant's interest in the themes approached by the programme, as well as provisionally evaluating the scheduling of the main work stages throughout the months during which the doctoral programme will take place (from October 2013 until the thesis submission). In short, this proposal corresponds to a brief research project  to be developed at the choice of the applicant, allowing a better characterization of the applicants' interests.

What is the average size of this research work plan proposal?
These proposals should not exceed 1,000 words, Times New Roman 12, one-and-one-half space.

What is the deadline for the application submission?
This PhD programme is biennial.
The upcoming programme edition is due to open in 2021/2022 with calls opening in the 1st quarter of 2021.

When will I receive information on the selection of candidates?
Candidates will receive information on the selection processes before the enrolment deadlines are open, according to the annually established calendar by UC.

What is the academic calendar?
The first semester will run from September through January and the second semester from February through June.
The Academic Calendar for 2019/20 will be available here.
Classes are scheduled to take place on Friday and Saturday.

Is attendance at Seminars compulsory?
Yes, it is. Attending seminars at distance is not an option.
Students are expected to participate in the seminars listed in the study plan, as well as the sessions with external speakers, organized within the programme’s activities.

What are the programme's working languages?
The programme's working languages are Portuguese and English.
Candidates who do not master Portuguese language may get informed on the conditions of access and frequency of the language courses offered by the University of Coimbra.

I'm an international candidate. What should I know about Coimbra and the University?
The University of Coimbra has prepared a support guide for foreign candidates, with useful information on the University’s services and about daily life in Coimbra.

What is the annual fee?
The annual fee is 2,000 euros.