Study Plan

The Doctoral Programme in Post-Colonialisms and Global Citizenship has a 4-year duration (8 semesters), totalling 240 ECTS). The PhD thesis project defense occurs at the end of the second academic year. The Programme is lectured in Portuguese.

1st year, 1st Semester
Postcolonialisms, identities and cultural citizenship (10 ECTS)
Political spaces, representation and decentralization in the postcolonial State (10 ECTS)
Knowledge, sustainability and cognitive justice (10 ECTS)

1st year, 2nd Semester
Alternative globalizations and the reinvention of social emancipation (10 ECTS)
Postcolonial studies in the space of Portuguese language (10 ECTS)
Transnational social movements, risk and public space (10 ECTS)

2nd year, 1st Semester
Research Seminar (22 ECTS)
Update and Debate Seminar - Thinking and Imagining Knowledge (8 ECTS)

2nd year, 2nd Semestre, 3rd and 4th years
Dissertation (150 ECTS)