TRAnsmitir e educar através de MEmórias e histórias europeiaS

1 de novembro de 2021 a 30 de junho de 2023
20 meses

TRAMES is an ERASMUS+ project funded by the French National Agency in the Key Activity 2 – Strategic Partnerships – Adult Education. The network is coordinated by Inter-Réseau Histoires et Memoires, with COSPE COOPERAZIONE PER LO SVILUPPO DEI PAESI EMERGENTI ONLUS and CES as partner institutions.
This network is based on the premise that history and memory are an essential aspect in the construction of citizenship, of emancipation, of participation, of living together. Questioning social and historical heritage raises awareness of the principles of unity and diversity, identity and cultural openness. Through this cooperation, the consortium will achieve the following objectives:
- increase the skills of the staff of our structures on issues of intercultural pedagogy and open citizenship as a lever for social transformation;
- improve the quality of the educational activities and practices of our organizations aimed at adult learners;
- the dissemination of good practices and the provision of educational tools to act with adult audiences (citizens, learners, people in the process of inclusion, etc.);
- strengthening our capacities to work at transnational level and to include our professional and civic practices in a European dimension.


TRAMES aims to:
- increase and complexify knowledge of social inclusion issues and exclusion mechanisms for our organizations and our educational staff;
- improve the skills of staff working directly with target audiences;
- the constitution of a fund of resources and tools shared between each partner;
- strengthen methodologies for intercultural action and our efforts to combat discrimination and inequalities.

cultural heritage, identities and citizenship, fighting racism and discrimination