Cristiano Gianolla


Cristiano Gianolla is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (CES) of the University of Coimbra (UC), where he is co-coordinator of the research unit on Democracy, Citizenship and Law. He obtained a PhD in Sociology and Political Science (cum Laude, Coimbra and Rome-Sapienza) by way of a dissertation on Gandhi's democratic theory and a comparative study of emerging political parties in India and Italy. Cristiano is the Principal Investigator of the UNPOP project (FCT, 2021-2024) and is a team member of the ECHOES (H2020, 2018-2021) and ALICE (ERC, 2011-2016) European projects. He is a co-founding and co-coordinating member of the "Inter-Thematic group on Migrations" and co-coordinates the research group "Epistemologies of the South" at CES. He is coordinating editor of Alice News, editor of e-cadernos scientific journal and Rightsblog, and a referee for other scientific journals. Cristiano co-coordinates the PhD courses "Democratic Theories and Institutions", "State, Democracy and Legal Pluralism" and the MA course "Critical Intercultural Dialogue" at the Faculty of Economics of the UC. He has authored books, chapters and articles elaborating on democratic theory, populism, postcolonialism, intercultural dialogue, heritage processes, movement-parties, citizenship, human rights, migrations, and cosmopolitanism. His current research interests focus on emotions and narratives in democratic processes.

Latest Publications


Gianolla, Cristiano; Ruocco, Giovanni (orgs.) (2021), Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Conoscere per liberare [Knowing to liberate]. Rome: Castelvecchi

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Book Chapter

Gianolla, Cristiano (2021), Colonialismo, razzismo, sessismo: il dibattito pubblico sulle statue [Colonialism, racism, sexistm: the public debate about statues], in Cristiano Gianolla e Giovanni Ruocco (org.), Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Conoscere per liberare [Knowing to liberate]. Rome: Castelvecchi, 35-45

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Article in Scientific journal

Amelung, Nina; Gianolla, Cristiano; Solovova, Olga; Sousa Ribeiro, Joana (2020), "Technologies, infrastructures and migrations: material citizenship politics", Citizenship Studies, 24, 5, 587-606

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