2019 - Member of the Teaching Staff of the MASTER "PROPART - master in progettazione partecipata" at IUAV University in Venice.

2019 - Member of the Teaching Staff of the MASTER \"PROPART - master in progettazione partecipata\" at IUAV University in Venice.

2012 to 2017 - Docente e orientador no mestrado interdisciplinar e inter-universitario "Roads to Democracy"at te Faculty of economics of Coimbra University

2012 to 2017 - Lecturer and tutor of students in the interdisciplinary and Inter-University Master "Roads to Democracy"

2010 - Docente no curso "Human Rights in Contemporary Societies" no CES/Universidade de Coimbra

2010 - Lecturer in the PhD Course in "Human Rights in Contemporary Societies" at CES/Coimbra University

2010 - Member of the teaching staff of the Master in "Derechos Humanos, Interculturalidad y Desarrollo" in the University Pablo de Olavide in Seville

2007 - Co-coordenador do curso doutoral "Democracia no Seculo XXI" da Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra.

2007 - Co-coordinator of the PhD course "Democracy in the XXIst Century" at the School of Economics of Coimbra University

2006 to 2006 - Lecturer at the Advanced Training "Participatory Planning for Local Development" Laboratory for Ecological Planning of Settlements - University of Florence

2006 to 2006 - Visiting lecturer at the Master Participação e Desenvolvimento a partir de uma perspectiva de genero University of Seville - Faculty of Pedagogy and Education

2002 to 2006 - Assistant Professor of Town Management and Territorial and Settlements Analysis - University of Florence

2002 to 2006 - Was responsible for guiding and teaching in inter-university MASTER "Instruments and methods for the analysis and management of development projects" (State University of Florence, Milan and Reggio Calabria).

2001 to 2001 - Voluntary Assistant in Town Planning Training Faculty of Architecture- University of Florence