Giovanni Allegretti


Giovanni (Aldo Luigi) Allegretti is an architect, planner and senior researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of the Coimbra University, Portugal. Here he is among the directors of the Ph.D "Democracy in the XXI century" and he coordinates the "PEOPLEs' Observatory: Participation, Innovation and Local Powers". He is a member of the Working Group "DECIDe" at CES. Since 2001, he has been assistant professor in Town Management at the University of Florence, where he got his Ph.D in Town,Territorial and Environmental Planning. He studied in Brazil, Danmark and Japan with scholarships of the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Expert of the European Commission for the URBACT Programme, he deals with Participatory Budgets and Interactive Planning since 1998. On this subject he wrote several books. As a consultant and trainer about participatory processes, he was invited to hold professional courses by several Local Authorities (in country such Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Senegal Reunion Island), Universities (Harvard Design School in United States, King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, International Islamic University in Malaysia, Institute of European Studies in Vietnam) and NGO (TI in Morocco and Indonesia, TNI in India), and International Institutions (in Canada's 2006 UN/World Urban Forum, in Kenya's 2006 Africities Forum and in two continental courses on Participatory Budgeting organised by the World Bank in South Africa and Senegal). Since January 2008 he coordinated the scientific training of the EQUAL-funded project "Participatory Budgeting in Portugal" which trained more than 600 local authorities and municipal technicians in Portugal on the issue of Participatory Budget. He also coordinated the scientific outputs of the EU-funded project "PARLOCAL" (led by Malaga Province in Spain)and the three-years study on Participatory Budgeting called "OPtar", funded by the FCT of Portugal. He has been the coordinator of the Portuguese Unit of the Projects UNISOST (coordinated by the NGO Associação EStà - Economia e Sostenibilità, from Milan, Italy) and DUPLA-PAZ (coordinated by the NGO "Oikos" of Udine, Italy, and funded by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region). At present, he is the coordinator of the Portuguese Team in the project "Platform Labour in Urban Spaces: Fairness, Welfare, Development — PLUS" (Grant Agreement no.: 822638), funded by the Horizon2020 Program of the European Commission, and member of the core team of "URBiNAT - Urban Innovative and Inclusive Nature" (funded by Horizon 2020 - Innovative Actions in the area of Smart Cities and Sustainabilty). Recently, he was Principal Investigator and global coordinator of the international project "EMPATIA. Enabling Multichannel PArticipation Through ICT Adaptations"(2015-2018), funded by Horizon 2020 Programme and member of the coordinating team of the projects "Comunix. Active Youth Participation in Governance in Community Areas" (funded by Erasmus+). He is also main consultant in the internacional cooperation projects "FOINCIDE - FORTALECIMENTO INSTITUCIONAL Y CIUDADANO PARA EL DESARROLLO TERRITORIAL" (coordinated by SKL International, a branch of the Association of Municipalities and Regions of Sweden with the National department of Planning of Columbia) and "Assessment of CSOs' and citizens' engagement in public budgetary process at national and local level in the Republic of Moldova" (FWC SIEA 2018- LOT 3: Human rights, Democracy and Peace - EuropeAid/138778/DH/SER/multi), in the Consortium led by ICE GEEI. He is member of the Managing Committee of the Institute for Democracy and Democratization of Communication of Brazil (coordinated by UFMG from Belo Horizonte - Brazil) and a member of the Brazilian CNPQ Research Groups: "Mobilidades? A vivência acadêmica internacional" coordinated by the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing of S. Paulo, and "Núcleo PRODEP - Teoria democrática, Sociedade Civil e Espaço Público" coordinated by UFMG from Belo Horizonte. On behalf of its department, dr. Allegretti is also a member of several international organisations whose aim is to promote networking among 'best practices' of urban participatory management (Committee for Participatory Democracy, Social Inclusion and Human Rights of UCLG and OIDP - International Observatory on Participatory Democracy). He also coordinates a cooperation agreement between CES, Fondazione Feltrinelli and LUISS University (in Italy) on the issue of Democratic Innovations. He is member of the Standing Group on "Democratic Innovations" in the European Consortium of Political Reserach (ECPR) and representative of Portugal in the Cost Action "Constitution-making and deliberative democracy" (COST Action CA17135). Since 2007 he was committed in co-organising a network of municipal authorities within the CPLP (Community of Portuguese-speaking countries), which was officially approved by the chiefs of State in July 2008 and formally constituted in March 2009. At present, he has been appointed as co-chair of the Independent Authority for Promoting Participation (APP) of the Tuscany Region (Italy), for the mandate 2014-2019. He is a member of the Academic Council of the Institute for Political Ecology (IPE) in Zaghreb, Croatia, of the do Scientific Council of the PhD in Public Policies at IUAV University (Venice, Italy) and of the Spanish Think-tank CIDOB (Barcelona, Spain). He was the founder and co-coordinator of the "Democracine" Film Festival in Porto Alegre - Brazil, and co-organiser of the "Fest-Cineamazonia - Itinerancia em Portugal".

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Ferreira, Isabel; Allegretti, Giovanni (2019), Local Democratic Innovations in Africa: macro-trends in a complex continent, in Elstub, Stephen; Escobar, Oliver (org.), Handbook of Democratic Innovations and Governance. Camberley, Surrey: Edward Elgar Publishing

Article in Scientific journal

Allegretti, Giovanni (2019), "A means or a goal? Antagonist visions on the right to citizens' participation within a Right-to-the-City approach.", Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals n.º 123, Special Issue: «Las ciudades en la era de la globalización: Municipalismo internacional y derecho a la ciudad»., 123

Book Chapter

Allegretti, Giovanni (2019), BP vs NPM : deux acronymes, deux mondes opposés ou étroitement liés ?, in Nicolas Matyjasik and Marcel Guenoun (org.), En finir avec le New Public Management. Paris: Institut de la gestion publique et du dévelop, 161-210

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